This game is a film related game project that u can get this game, if you support our WR film project. Basically, You can create your own building in this game, such as a castle, a forge, hangar or maybe factory! Build whatever you want!
The control is very easy!
WASD for walk
Q for call the builder list
V for change view
E for put your buildings
Everything you can find in main menu at CONTROL tab. If you have any question, please contact our support email: official@zlmcrafter.net
But this game has the connection with our film project, if we made some 3D scene that is relative with the film, we will add this scene into the game and you can create your own building with the film story. Craft like a main character! And this game will release on STEAM platform!
ONE MORE THING: After you sponsor us, you will on the sponsor list at here.

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